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Month: May 2016

June Meeting

New Location & Time for JUNE Meeting

To celebrate the close of our 51st year, all members are invited to attend a Leominster Art Association Pot Luck Dinner. This will be on Monday, June 27th at 6:30pm at the Fitchburg Art Museum. The pot luck is open to all members, and each member is welcome to bring one guest. Please be sure to bring a dish of your choosing. Appetizers, salads, hot dishes, cold dishes, and desserts are all welcome. There are plenty of outlets for crock pots. So please join us for an evening of fun, conversation, and camaraderie!

Arty Facts

Greetings! We have updated out web site and streamlined it to make it easier to maintain. There may be fewer visuals, but we are hoping for increased content and usefulness. Thanks for visiting us!